Harmony Flight Lapel Pin

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The The Harmony Flight, launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base, California is the 24th Celestis mission, the 11th Earth Orbit mission.  Harmony is the quality of creating a pleasing and consistent whole, forming an agreement or concord.  Often used in association with the word “peace” and together promising long lasting value, harmony is a state or quality to be sought.  For those onboard Harmony, there is a sense of being at one - in harmony - with the universe.  For the families and loved ones of those onboard, there is the intent to re-establish harmony in their own lives as they celebrate and remember.

Every Celestis mission has its own logo, mission patch and lapel pin following the tradition of creating a unique identity for each launch dating to the earliest days of the American space program. Eric R. Gignac is the Celestis Tranquility Flight mission logo designer.

This is a lapel pin of exceptional quality and detail. Size: 1.25 inch, secured with a butterfly/military clutch.