Enterprise Flight Lapel Pin

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"Enterprise" is a fitting name for the first Voyager Service memorial spaceflight. For its inaugural mission into the depths of space and time, Celestis has selected a patch design that honors Enterprise Flight participants Gene Roddenberry (the creator of Star Trek); Gene's spouse, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry (Star Trek's "Nurse Chapel" and "Lwaxana Troi"); and James Doohan ("Mr. Scott"), as well as the many other Celestis participants for whom Star Trek was an inspiration in their lives. The dominant star is crossed by a version of the traditional NASA astronaut logo – a shooting star borne on a winged column – signifying that all those aboard will reach space and, symbolically, become astronauts as they make their final journey among the stars.

Every Celestis mission has its own logo, mission patch and lapel pin following the tradition of creating a unique identity for each launch dating to the earliest days of the American space program. Eric R. Gignac is the Celestis Enterprise Flight mission logo designer.

This is a lapel pin of exceptional quality and detail. Size: 1.25 inch, secured with a butterfly/military clutch.