About Us

Celestis is the pioneer and iconic global leader in providing memorial spaceflights.

Through 18 missions since 1997, Celestis has helped families the world over commemorate the lives of their departed loved ones.

Our experienced team – co founded and led by globally recognized entrepreneur Charles M. Chafer - includes aerospace professionals, dedicated client services and customer support staff, and space launch event management experts. Our directors and advisors include a retired Director of the NASA Kennedy Space Center who directed more than 50 Space Shuttle launches, retired NASA astronauts, and pioneers of the commercial space age.

Celestis engages licensed funeral directors, maintains a trust fund licensed and audited by the Texas Department of Banking, and is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. We have upheld the highest performance standards and guarantees for more than two decades.

Celestis, through the Celestis Foundation, supports individuals and organizations making a difference in space exploration and development and in furtherance of a better planet. Celestis has received both the National Space Society's Pioneer Award and the Space Frontier Foundation's From Vision to Reality Award.

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