Centennial Memorial Space Flight Patch

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The Celestis Centennial Memorial Spaceflight – named in honor of the statehood centennial of New Mexico – launched at 7:57 am MDT, June 21, 2013 aboard an UP Aerospace SpaceLoft XL rocket from Spaceport America. Centennial was the fifth Earth Rise mission and twelfth overall Celestis Memorial Spaceflight.

The Centennial Flight logo pays tribute to the New Mexico Centennial Celebration by using the same color scheme of turquoise, brown and white featured in the state’s festivities. As a celebration of the past, this logo incorporates many themes and images found in earlier Celestis logos, including angelic wings symbolizing the dream of flight achieved by the mission participants, the Organ Mountain range visible from Spaceport America and New Mexico's state icon, the symbol of the Zia Pueblo, representing the Sun and universal harmony.

The Centennial Flight logo is from well-known designer and illustrator Eric Gignac. Eric’s portfolio also includes co-design of NASA Space Shuttle mission patches for the STS 128 and 133 missions.

Every Celestis mission has its own logo, mission patch and lapel pin following the tradition of creating a unique identity for each launch dating to the earliest days of the American space program. This is a woven patch with clean, crisp, details. A woven patch allows a high resolution graphic and superior quality compared to an an emrboidered patch. Size 4.75 x 4.50 inches.