Celestis Above Satellite Tracker

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The Celestis Above Satellite Tracker is a single-board computer with a program that calculates where an Earth-orbiting, Celestis memorial satellite is at any given time. Connect it to a TV and it will display where the Celestis satellite is located and -- more importantly -- when the satellite will cross your sky at home.

Yes, that's right. At certain times of day, or night, the Celestis Above Satellite Tracker will light up and provide a visual signal when any Celestis satellite passes above your own area!

The Celestis Above Satellite Tracker also tracks all the Celestis satellites currently on orbit as well as the International Space Station (ISS). At certain times of day (around dawn and dusk) the ISS looks like a very bright star moving steadily across the sky over the course of 6-10 minutes. In addition, the device provides live video from ISS, 250 miles up! The "daytime" for the ISS crew is 46 minutes, followed by 46 minutes of darkness. You can sometimes see the Moon rising and setting. The supply vehicles (Russian Progress, Japanese HTV, USA SpaceX Dragon and USA Orbital Sciences Cygnus) dock and undock.

Celestis Above Satellite Tracker HD comes complete with PiGlow. Includes SD Card, 5V 2A power supply, Raspberry Pi and a transparent case. The Celestis Above Satellite Tracker is created in collaboration with ImageBEAM, Inc.